Monday, November 28, 2011

Transfer week: Staying in the Pass again!

hey mom how you doing? well what a crazy week, i went to slidell for a day and thanksgiving, and transfer info. so this is whats going on with transfers. I'm staying in the pass again for another transfer! pretty cool. i really think this is my last 6 weeks here. by the time this next 6 weeks is up, ill be in the pass for 9 months. it's awesome that i was able to be here for so long. well for Thanksgiving we went to 3 dinner appointments. it was good, but we all got sick kind of after our first dinner. the stuffing was the best part for me about the food. me and elder W are excited to serve again for another transfer and for Christmas. last year me and W celebrated new years, and we are again this year too. I'm really excited for Christmas this year that I'll get to talk to you guys again. well things are going good here, I'm really glad that you guys had an awesome thanksgiving, i really cant wait to have thanksgiving with you guys again. its going to be fun. i really like hearing what you guys are all doing and stuff. so what did you get at black Friday? is it a surprise? i can't wait to hear what it is! that was awesome about A.J. playing chess with pill bottles and cards, haha that was awesome! well thanks again for the letter, ill talk to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank

Email to John:
hey dad, hows it going? well this week i got back from slidell on thanksgiving and then immediately we went to a meal appointment. it was crazy. it was a pretty crazy week. well with transfers, me and W are staying again for 6 more weeks. its awesome that i get to stay down here again. thanksgiving was good, we ate a lot of food and i got a little sick from it. haha but it was good though. it sounded pretty good back home too. all the family coming over and and the family movie and stuff, it sounded really fun. i got the package you guys all sent me this week, thank you so much for all that food. it was awesome, i already ate all the pancakes, haha! ill be eating it over the next few weeks...well dad thanks for everything, i cant wait to talk to you on Christmas, thanks for everything, love ya bye!
love hank

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fender bender, flooded apartment..."crazy week"

hey mom how you doing?! haha your crazy adventure hiking was really amusing! I'm sure you guys were probably freaking out at the end! me and wager had kind of a crazy week too. especially on Tuesday. so Tuesday morning we wake up to these 2 guys in our apartment, and we find out that they are working on the plumbing. our apartment was flooded, our kitchen got about 2 inches of water, and our hallway was soaked and our room was soaked. the main pipeline backed up and ours and another persons apartment got flooded by it. we were told that we had about 350 gallons of water in our apartment. so we left that day with the plumbers and carpet cleaning people to do there stuff, and around one o'clock we got in a car accident. don't worry it wasn't that bad. W was driving and he went through a stop sign and a car that was already going hit us on the side of the car. we now have a huge dent on the side of our car and the whit paint scratch all over it. but were fine though no injuries or anything. so that was Thursday.
i heard about Shawna's mom, we went and stopped by this week, and her husband was there and he told us.  so this week we saw the necs again. they are doing good still, we had a good time on Saturday they had us over for dinner. hopefully we will see them again this week. transfers are next Tuesday, and the transfer info is this Saturday. i really hope that i stay for at least one more transfer. pass christian is a good place and I'm really glad that i was able to come here. well mom thanks for the letter, ill talk to you next week.  love you bye!
love hank

Riding over the Bridge 100 times... (dated Nov. 14, 2011)

hey mom how you doing? this week was kind of the same, nothing much. me and wager didn't have the car so we had to do biking all week. it was kind of rough, I'm getting really tired biking over that bridge. I've probably biked over the bridge at least 100 times, haha! but its cool though, I'm definitely going to miss the bridge. and all of this down here when i leave. i think this may be my last transfer down here. i really hope not, i want to be down here for Christmas. that would be so cool. well see. the transfer info is next week. it seems like transfers was just here. this transfer has been going by really fast. well thanksgiving is coming up, we already have a list of people were eating at on that day, were trying to score as many dinner appointments that night, haha! well that's it for now, sorry for such a short letter this week, ill write back next week, love ya bye!
love hank
hey dad thanks for the letter, this week was pretty good. we just tried seeing the same people. me and wager are doing great. having a good time serving together. matthews and morris are doing good too. its been cooling off here which is great, i am so glad that summer is over with. i have 1 summer left. tomorrow is my 14 month mark. pretty crazy. whenever a month mark goes by its always pretty cool. so hows the chase job going? it sounds kind of rough, i bet the light rail is cool though. i remember when they were building it and all the road construction was going on. it was pretty annoying, but the light rail is cool though. me and Cole rode it once, all the way to the farthest stop in phoenix. it was pretty cool. well dad thanks for the letter, ill talk to you next week. love you bye!
love hank

Saturday, November 12, 2011

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Jonna surprised her family and friends by turning her mission papers in without telling anyone.  She told John and I in August, and she told A.J. sometime in September, and told Hank on October 18, and told Jeri, Addie & Carla on Oct 30th, the night before her call came.  Other than that, none of her friends or extended family knew she was thinking of going. She got the call on Halloween. On October 18 she got the following email back from Hank.  She forwarded it to me saying: "Do not post this on the blog until I have my call and I've announced it. :)"
So now I'm posting his response to her deciding to go on a mission:
Whats up?!! wow Jonna! That is a big secret, it's exciting though, I'm sure you'll have a great time, make sure to let us know where your going. I know you will, haha! wow that's cool. So only A.J. and me and mom and dad know? Cool, I'm in the loop, haha! So that's why your going to the temple? haha, I should have known. So you should be getting your call in like 3 weeks? ok i have a bit of advice for you out in the mission field: Be yourself, and its ok to have fun. I'm serious it may not seem like this is advice, but it really is. There's a ton of missionaries who are not themselves and do not have fun. This is cool, I'm excited for you. well jonna, thanks for the news. I'll talk to you next week, love ya Jonna and good luck! bye!
love Hank

November 7, 2011

hey mom, sounds like a better week this week. Jonna got her call! That's pretty cool, Houston east mission. Whats the boundaries? I saw that you sent a Texas map, maybe you could copy the mission map and send it, I'm just curious as to what her mission boundaries are. That's so cool that shes going to be so close to me. We may very well be in Louisiana at the same time, or even Texas at the same time. Elder Mat got his new companion this week, elder Mat is cool he's been with elder Kni for the past few months but now he's with elder Mor. He's a greenie straight from the mtc. me and Wag are back  working pass christian again. its cool. this week we saw the nec's again, and we finally saw gator again, we haven't seen him in awhile. he's a great guy, they gave us a whole bunch of food and stuff. this week Wag is going to Slidell until Wednesday for exchanges, I'm going to be with elder Will until Wednesday. well mom I'll to you later, thanks for everything, bye!
love hank
hey dad how you doing? thanks for the letter, this week was a lot better then last week. well the 3 companionship thing ended this week, elder Mat got his greenie on Friday. elder Mat is going to do great training him. So you said that a family moved to long beach? that's cool! that is right next pass christian, I've been there a lot. its not in the pass area but its very close. I know the missionaries who are in that area. this week we saw gator again and same with the necs. the necs are doing good still, they didn't come to church but there still doing good. this week was Halloween, and that meant that you guys listen to When October Goes. I listened to it also on Halloween and I though of you guys the whole time, I knew you were listing to it too. That's the last Halloween on my mission, its a cool thought that I'll be home for the next one. well dad I have to go, everybody is telling me to hurry up and stuff, thanks for the letter and everything that you do for me. I'll talk to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank