Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 18, 2011

(Excerpt of email to Lisa)
mom whats up?! harry potter week!! man i wish i was a part of it, it was always so awesome working the midnight showings of crazy movies!! I remember working the dark knight and spider man 3 and man was it fun! just watching everybody waiting in line all day to see the movie. and it was fun on my day off to wait in line forever for a movie too! it sounds like that you must have had a lot of fun! AJ was telling me about it and about the movie trailers too! He was telling me that the dark knight rises trailer was with it and that it looks awesome! i can not wait to see these movies, haha! oh and thanks for the dust storm pictures!! holy crap that's huge!! it reminds me of the mummy or hidalgo or something! that's a massive dust storm!
...well this week was pretty cool, its been raining crazy for the past few days! I'm glad that its raining, i really enjoy it! so yesterday we were tracting in the rain! it was crazy because we were soaked! but it was fun. we saw gator this week (I really don't know why hes called Gator, that's just what people call him, haha!) he's cool, we ate lunch at his house and talked with him a bit, he's not really progressing but I love going over to his house he's such a cool guy. The Nec's family is doing good also, we had dinner over there on Thursday and it went well. We taught the Plan of Salvation. It went good and they I think they got it, but we'll see this week when we see them again.
...oh we had fried alligator this week also and it was good. the second time i ever had it. ( the first time was back home when you guys gave me some from bass pro shops!) anyway that's about it this week, thanks again for everything, ill talk to you later, bye!
love hank
(Excerpt of email to John:)
dad whats up?! Ammon (Clanton) is in Sta__ Mississippi?!! haha i had no idea that he was in Mississippi! crazy! 
.... so things are going good this week. its been raining like crazy the past few days, and the thunder and lightning was so crazy last night, we couldn't even sleep! I'm really loving this stormy weather, i hope it rains for awhile.
...so anyway this week was pretty good. Me and Elder T get along good for the most part and I really hope that we stay together again for another transfer. Transfer info is this Saturday so that means that transfers are next week on Tuesday. So my next email will probably be on Tuesday next week, I'll let you know whats going on. As for the people we're teaching no one is really close to baptism but I like the people here. Sometimes people will just invite us in for dinner! People who we hardly know, its great. We teach around 12 lessons a week it seems. Not too bad.
well dad thanks for the letter I'll talk to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank

July 11, 2011

(Excerpt of email to Lisa)
hey mom, wow it sounds like that a lot has happened back home, dad getting released and you being the new RS president. sounds like a crazy day, well I think JR is going to to a great job as the bishop. Its really hard to believe that dad has been bishop for 5 years now. it really did go by pretty fast. and also that dust storm! that's sounds crazy! i would love to see a picture of it or something. well this week was going pretty cool. i enjoyed it. we're teaching this family the Nec's and there pretty cool, they're a catholic family and they enjoy having us over a lot. yesterday they lent us their golf clubs and today we went golfing. it was a lot of fun, it was something i definitely needed. i think I'm getting better at golf, but i still suck at it, haha!
the fifes are really cool, we went over there again on Friday for breakfast and it was great. i played their son at chess and he beat me, but he's a cool guy. we talk quite a bit, on Sunday sister fife came up to me and asked if dad was the bishop. i said yah, he's actually being released today. she thought it was cool and that she would write to you about it, and i guess she did. well mom thanks for your letter, I'm sure you'll do just fine as the RS president. thanks again for everything. ill talk to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank
(Excerpt of email to John)
hey well thanks for the letter.  wow that's crazy that you've been released already as the bishop. I'm sure JR is going to do a great job at it. and mom is the new relief society president? wow that's pretty cool, she'll do good at that too I'm sure. the high adventure trip sounds like it was a good one this year. My favorite high adventure trip is still and will always be Lake Powell. that was a fun trip, i think about that trip a lot and I would like to do that again someday. so this week was pretty cool, me and Elder T are still going to Pass Christian and working there. We're still trying to find more people. There's this one lady though who were working with, her name is K Nec. shes like 40's ish years old and she went to U of A. shes really cool and her husband lent us there golf clubs today. we went golfing today at the Pass Christian Isles. it was fun. on 18 holes i shot 113 and Elder T got 109 and Elder N got 89. Elder K didn't want to golf but he still tagged along. it was fun, i would really like to do that again sometime. . well not much is going on right now. were still trying to find people but things are going good. I'm glad that I'm with Tyler he's a cool guy. its hot riding around but its not too bad. people will give us water and stuff. thanks again for everything, ill talk to you again next week,love ya bye!
love hank

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 6, 2011

well if you don't know already, the past few days i was in Slidell, LA. it was really cool going there. i really wanted to go there sometime and now i finally did, haha! but right now we are back in Bay St. Louis/Pass Christian area. so on the 4th of July we went to slidell and that night we watched the fireworks from there front lawn. it was nice. the whole time i was thinking of you guys back home on the golf course watching the fireworks as well. i took a few pictures of them and ill send some pictures back hopefully sometime next week. so Gator is a pretty cool guy. hes a very southern guy but hes also very nice. i would say that Gator is probably one of the nicest people I've met so far. he loves having us over. we don't teach him that often because hes not interested really. but he really likes it when we come. He'll feed us and talk and we mow his lawn sometimes. this week were finishing his "Jungle" front lawn though. it seriously is going to take awhile. were going back on Thursday probably to finish it. usually when we teach we go into their houses and they invite us in. right now we have 1 person that look like they can progress. K. She is cool and her husband is too! they have 2 kids that are pretty cool. i like going over to their house, they're very smart and down to earth and also very nice. people are very nice down here for the most part, and always give you water if you knock. is cool.
well tonight we are going over to the fifes house tonight for dinner. I'm looking forward to it. we saw them a few days ago and they gave us the packages! thanks so much for them!! i loved all the goodies you sent and the camel back too! I'm definitely going to use that as well. tonight I'm definitely going to talk about you guys with them. well mom that's about it, thanks for everything and no your long letters aren't a problem, haha! i like reading them! thanks again for everything, ill talk to you again next week, love ya bye!
love hank