Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011- Some Homesickness

I debated whether or not to post this on Hank's blog.  We got an email from him on Monday, that really hit my heart.  I've decided not to post most of it, because I don't think Hank would want it posted.  But I will say, that he has hit some homesickness again.  What I'm grateful for, is that he mentioned it, and that he is doing all he can to work through it.  He loves his companion, ...but what's been tough, is that his companion is going home in 2 weeks...and having a "trunky" companion has been real rough for Hank.  Please keep him in your prayers...anyone who reads this.  I'm grateful that he's trying, that he's talking about it, and know this is a growing time for him. 
The part I will post is the following:
"well i guess the big thing that we did this week was that we went to yazoo city on Tuesday. it was cool to go there because I've heard so much about it. I've taken alot of pictures and next week, ill send alot of pictures to you. well everything back home is good? that's cool that stake conference went well, were not going to have ours for a few more months probably. that's cool about Jake eating road kill dog! that sounds awesome! i hope he is doing good. i got a letter from him like a month and a half ago that i still haven't sent yet because I'm still writing it. could you please tell the clantons to tell Jake that I'm going to send his letter soon? thanks. "
(His good friend Jake Clanton is serving in Paraguay, and we heard from his parents that he ate some tacos from a place there that was known for using dog road kill in their food.  We passed this on to Hank...clearly, he got a kick out that!)

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