Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011...Transfer week and new companion

hey mom! wow it sounds like a lot happened this week! I'm glad that the camp trip was fun, I'm sure the girls enjoyed it. and thanks for the packages! i got them on Saturday, i had to go to the post office to pick them up. but its ok i loved them! thanks for the "finger football thing" haha it was funny and all the st. Patrick stuff was funny too! I'm eating alot of the candy right now and I'm going to get through it very soon! oh and i don't think thanked you guys yet on the valentines day popcorn factory stuff! thanks so much for that too, its really good! i got it like a month and a half ago, i didn't realize until last night that i forgot to thank you. I'm glad to hear that Cole is really happy to leave, i think he's going to really enjoy the South, although i don't know how different Georgia is from Mississippi. but I'm assuming there pretty similar.
well this week was cool, we had dinner of at the g_____and they made us chitlins! if you don't know what that is then google it. and lat night we went to the J_____ and had a craw fish broil! it was so good! they had 15 pounds of craw fish! i ate around 70-80 craw fish it was so good! i really hope that i get to have another one again sometime! lets see all we did this week was pretty much pack up Elder Mc's stuff, hes so excited to go home. he leaves tomorrow morning. right now i have a new companion, his name is elder A_____. is from southern California! hes a cool guy so far, i think that I'm going to really enjoy being with him. well nothing really is going right now, i hope that things back home are still going good. ill talk to you next week! sorry my letter is short today I'm kind of in a hurry because of transfers and stuff. well that's it for now, thanks for everything bye!
love hank

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