Monday, April 4, 2011

March 28, 2011

hey mom! this week has been pretty good, I'm with elder A______right now and hes a cool guy, he speaks Spanish (because he was assigned Spanish speaking). so this transfer were going to work alot with the Spanish people in the area and ward. hes from Huntington Beach, California. do you know where that is? anyway i think were going to get along great this transfer and have a good time. this week has mostly been just me showing him around Vicksburg. its really hard to do that still because I'm still new to the area, haha! so i hope that he is patient enough for that haha, but its been good. well this week is general conference. six months ago was the last general conference and i think its crazy to think that i only will have 2 left for the mission! and i get to call on may 8th! I'm pretty excited about that as well. I'm glad that things back home are going good, and that youth conference was good. i always actually liked going to youth conference for the most part, it was just fun to see everybody. I'm glad that Jeri and Addie did good on their talks, I've always hated talks haha but i think you already know that. oh and off topic i did like getting dropped off at school in the dark, haha! it was just so much more quiet and relaxing. anyway yah summers coming and i wonder how its going to be. anyway that's about it for now ill talk to you next week, thanks for all the letters bye!
love hank
oh wait, i totally forgot to mention i listened to the tape you guys sent and i loved it! it was so good to hear everybody! and by the way i guessed the soarin over California song in 19.52 seconds! haha i had the fastest time i bet! anyway yah it was good, thanks again bye!
Email to John:
well this week is over now, and its been a good one. elder A____ is a cool guy he speaks Spanish and we are going to work alot with the Spanish people this transfer. mostly this week has been just showing him around the area. i think were going to get along good this transfer. elder mc____ is now home. I'm sure he is having the time of his life right now, haha. well this week is general conference and we watch it at the church building. on Saturday were going to get something to eat, definitely I'm probably going to be thinking about you and aj eating at red lobster, haha. were probably going to whataburger or burger king or something haha. that's so cool that i got mission plague thing! i didn't know it took this long for it to come, I'm really excited to see the picture of it. Addie was telling me that she was the first one to see it! Brother Clark was telling me something about yazoo city, he was telling me that that was in one of his areas! its a very interesting place i cant wait to get his letter, haha! well I'm glad that things are going good back home...well that's about it for now, thanks for the letters and ill talk to you next week, bye!
love hank

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