Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day after Mother's Day Call: May 9, 2011

This is part of the email we got from Hank yesterday, which was the day after we got to talk to him for Mother's Day.  It's short, sweet, and we're happy we have his address!  In our conversation with him on Mother's Day, he talked about his new area, which is right on the Gulf Coast, in fact, his apartment is "about 30 second walk to the beach".  His area was hit very hard by Hurricane Katrina, in fact, he said the eye of the hurricane went right over Pass Christian.  He said there is still a lot of destruction there, many structures have not been rebuilt yet. 
He LOVED Vicksburg, and misses it very much, but is trying very hard to work through this transfer, and adjust to the new area, and his new companion.  He's got a great attitude, and we love hearing the faith in his voice.  He sounded great, and everyone in the family got to talk with him.  We didn't want to hang up, but had to eventually tell him good-bye....until Christmas!  It wasn't easy.  Anyhow, here is the email we got from him...
hey it was so awesome talking with you yesterday, i didn't want to hang up, I'm so glad that you guys are all doing ok. i think its so funny though that you discovered red box, haha! its definitely awesome, haha. well yah Pass Christian is cool, i really like how everything looks and stuff. .....
This whole past week we literally just tracted. it was long, and I'm getting sunburned.....
I'm like 90 percent that that's what it is. maybe you should send a test letter, haha just to see if it works. if you want you can just send stuff to the mission office until we know for sure. anyway I'm sorry that this letter is short but we don't have a library card to get more time on the computer. thanks for the letters and packages you've been sending. those pictures were awesome!  aj looks like he was excited for prom! I'm glad he went to it. well that's it for now, ill talk to you next week, have fun and be safe and stuff, bye!
love hank 

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