Thursday, June 16, 2011

Excerpt of Letter written May 16, 2011 (I've been a bit behind...trying to catch up!)

...those pictures of Vicksburg are crazy! the train station in the first photo, I've walked down the road many times. its right by the levee and the river. that's crazy that the water is that high. yah, most of Vicksburg will be fine, its everything in the delta that's a problem. when i was leaving, everybody was getting ready for it and some people were even leaving. on Wednesday it will be at its highest. well hurricane season starts on June 1st! isn't that exciting? haha, everybody is nervous for each hurricane season.
well this week I've gotten no mail, because we lost our mail key and were still in the process of trying to get another one. so i probably have lots of mail but i don't have any access to it yet because of the key. ill let you know as soon as i finally get it.
well this week was alright, we mostly did a lot of tracting again.  I'm just pushing though it, and hopefully everything works out. i think i forgot to tell you but in my last area in Vicksburg there was this couple in the ward named the B and i found out that they were from Arizona. when they had us over for dinner i asked what part of Arizona. they said they were from snowflake, i said do you know the flakes? they were like which ones? i said Pam and Shon flake, they were like, "yah we know them". i told them that they were my aunt and uncle, they though it was cool, then they said. so you Shiloh and Jayze and Levi's cousin? i was like yah! anyway i was going to tell you that but i forgot until now. anyway that's about it for now, thanks again for everything, and let me know how Carla's talent show goes. talk to you later, bye!
love hank

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