Friday, June 17, 2011

PICTURES! Pictures of Vicksburg, and Pass Christian

 (Hank sent us these pictures just after he got to Pass Christian, Mississippi, in May of 2011.  It's taken me over a month to post them.  I couldn't put them all on there, so many, but here are a few of them)

Companion Elder M.  Elder M  finished his mission with Hank, and went home the next transfer.  It was hard for Hank to see him go.  About March 2011- Vicksburg, Mississippi

Hank and new companion Elder A in Vicksburg- April or May 2011

Hank with his new friends, recently baptized.  (I can't remember their names!)
Mississippi River, in Vicksburg- April/May 2011

Another baptism...I will have to ask Hank her name too!  March or April, 2011
New Transfer!  May 2011- Pass Christian, Mississippi!  He was amazed that people had docks in their backyards. 

More pictures of Pass Christian, MS.

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