Thursday, June 16, 2011

Excerpt of email written May 23, 2011

Well,  another week has gone by and now its Monday again. this week was better than last. i guess I'm starting to get used to everything going on here. Although i do think of my last area quite a bit once in a while.  this week we had zone conference again. it was awesome, because Elder C was there. it was great to hang out with him at zone conference and take a break you'd might say. Elder C is really cool, and he goes home in like 4 to 5 weeks. after zone conference we had to drive all the way back to the coast from hattiesburg. then on Friday we had shrimp and craw fish, it was good. were not really teaching right now, were seriously doing a lot of tracting. everyday. for most of the day. then we ride our bikes back over the bridge to bay st. Louis. that's like what we do everyday. we haven't seen Shawna since we last saw her but were definitely going to some time. that's mostly whats going on right now.
it sounds like that back home lots of stuff is going on, AJ is graduating and getting a job and you guys are all going to California! that's awesome! that's weird that the hawks aren't going to be there. it sounds like its going to be fun. i got Jeri and dad's letter this week, so the address i gave does work, haha! so you can send stuff to the address. well that's about it for now, ill talk to you later, bye!
love hank

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