Monday, June 20, 2011

Excerpt of emails sent 6/20/11 Day after Father's Day. New Companion- Elder Tyler

hey mom how you doing? well this week has gone good. elder T is a cool guy, I'm very happy that I'm going to be with him this transfer.  i think me and T are going to get along this transfer. so back home the fifes finally made it to our house? haha I've been waiting for them to finally stop by, I'm glad that you guys had a good time talking with them. i loved the pictures you sent, it is cool seeing those pictures. i look forward to talk with them in 2 weeks when they come back.
so hows Jonna doing? that's cool that she was able to come home for fathers day and talk. and she got some interesting storys that i never heard of before. those storys were pretty cool, I've never heard of them before but it does sound like dad though. so I'm pretty much just showing elder T around this area an its going good, the weather here is getting hot, but i honestly don't think its that bad. people tell me its the worst in August so I'll let you know in August how the weather is. the only thing about it is it gets to around 90 to 95 degrees but the humidity makes it feel like 10 degrees hotter. the heat index i think is what its called. but anyway right now i don't think its that bad, but well see how August goes. well mom thanks for everything, and ill talk to you next week. thanks for the packages you sent. I'm looking forward to getting them. well ill talk to you next week, love you bye!
love hank
hey dad! well this week is over now and I'm with elder T, hes a cool guy and i think I'm going to get along with him this transfer. hes from taylorsville Utah. He's a really cool guy and its going good. so this week was fathers day, I'm glad that it went good for you back home. that's cool that jonna was able to come down from flagstaff and be able to speak. it sounds like it was a good day for you. that's awesome that the fifes were able to finally stop by and visit. they told me they were going to stop by but i didn't know when exactly they were going to. that's awesome that they finally did. i haven't read moms email yet but I'm sure that she will have something to say about it. well pass christian is going good right now. we have a few people we are teaching. we have this guy named E and he's pretty cool. he's baptist and he drums for them. were going to go to his church one of these days to watch him drum. and also we have this girl names L she's pretty cool too. we've only been teaching her for about 2 weeks now. they are pretty much our top 2 people that we got right now. well dad thanks for everything, the letters back home really have helped out a lot. Thanks again and I'll talk to you next week. bye
love hank

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