Friday, June 17, 2011

Excerpt of e-mail sent May 31, 2011

(Lisa's Note: I've often wondered how much to include on this blog.  Some things he's written, were only meant for John & I, and so I've edited some of his letters, but think it's important to mention that he is having a difficult time right now.  What I'm most grateful for, is that he is working through it, "pushing through it", as he'd mentioned several times the past few weeks.   He is constantly in our prayers, and John and I have sent several letters and emails to him full of encouragement and advice.) 
hey mom how you doing?
....I'm just pushing through it and hoping for the best. 
this week has been alright. the highlight of the week i would say is when we went over to the w's  for dinner. we ate some red beans and rice and some frog legs. it was very good. i actually enjoyed it a lot. most of our time here in pass christian is trying to see people that we've met, or tracting. we tract alot. visiting members and other people who are cool and laid back really makes things easier and kind of a relief. its always enjoy visiting with members. well that's about it going on here, hows it back home? That's cool that you guys are in California! California is a cool place, i know what A.J. means when you guys visit memory lane, haha! you guys sound like your doing what we usually do every year, but it sounds like fun..... anyway thanks for all that you guys do and I'll talk to you next week, bye!
love hank

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