Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 28, 2011- Pres. Tucker comes for interviews, mowing Gator's lawn...etc.

Excerpt of emails home:
Hey how you doing mom? Well sorry I didn't email yesterday. We had interviews with President Tucker and it was pretty cool. He came to our apartment to do them this time, so it was different. It went well. So yesterday was Jeri's birthday. Pretty crazy. I'll write here a letter right after this one. Well yesterday we mowed this guy's lawn and we got so dirty. We're mowing the rest of  his lawn on Wednesday. The guy were mowing the lawn for is pretty cool, his name is Gator and he's very cool. He is a Southerner haha! He's a pretty funny guy, and also these other people Rick and Joseph. Rick is about 50 and his son is like 14 and their conversations are so funny, they talk about the most random stuff. I like going over there a lot. Thanks for the Camelbak your sending, I'll use it. I'm looking forward to getting it. Right now we're mostly using the car but we use bikes once in a while. Elder T and I get along good. He's a nice guy and I'm glad to be with him. We're planning on going golfing at the Pass Christian golf course on July 11th. I'm pretty excited for it. The last time I went golfing, it was when it was me and A.J. and dad at the Riverveiw golf course. I'm really enjoying the south, its a pretty cool place and I'm getting used to everything. Well that's about it thanks again for everything. I'll talk to  you next week. love ya bye!
Love Hank
excerpt to John:
hey dad, how you doing. sorry I didn't write yesterday we had interviews from President Tucker yesterday and so today is our pday for this week. Interviews went good, he did it differently this time. He came to everyone's apartment and interviewed them there. It was different but overall it wasn't bad. Me and T are getting along good. Pass Christian is going good. Yesterday we also went to one of our investigators house to mow his lawn. his name is Gator and he's a really cool guy. We mowed his front lawn yesterday and we're mowing his back lawn on Wednesday. It's getting hot here, but to be honest it feels like its hotter back home. It gets up to like 93 degrees plus the humidity. But the worst months I've heard though is in July and August. So during those months I'll let you know how bad it is.  
Love Hank

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