Friday, June 17, 2011

Excerpt of emails sent June 6, 2011

Hey mom how you doing? thanks for the letters you sent. I really like the pictures you guys sent too. The Beecroft run, the pier and stuff. Thanks, it was awesome also to get the postcards too! I really enjoyed all of them.
Well I'm sure your probably wondering how this week went for me. Well it was better than last week, but it's still a struggle at times. Transfer info is this week and I'm pretty sure that were both staying for another transfer. I'll let you know next week. But just in case send letters and stuff to the mission office just for this week. mostly we've been doing more tracting and trying some more people that we've found. the members here are really cool, especially the w's, c's, and z families. they are probably my favorite families to go over so far. I will say that the people down here are really helping get through this. And the thing is they probably don't even know it. Tonight we have a dinner appointment with the Z's and I'm pretty happy about that, then I have exchanges right after. I'm going to be with elder N till Wednesday morning. I'm really excited about this as well. Hurricane season officially started on June 1st, so that's exciting. Some people down here are a little worried about it. I personally don't think anything is going to happen this year, but hey I've been wrong before. Well anyway that's about it. Thanks for everything, and the postcards. I'm going to keep an eye out for the package this week. Thanks again for everything, bye!
love hank

Email to John:
hey dad how you doing? well another week has gone by. i got all the post cards from you guys, they were great! thanks so much for them. it sounds like the California trip was awesome, and you guys did everything we usually do right? you went to the pier and the Beecroft run and the hawks' place. it sounds like it was alot of fun. and A.J. got his eagle? that's awesome, he's probably very happy that he got it now. well this week was better than last but still it feels like a struggle. i appreciate your letter and advice. I'm just coping with everything right now, i know eventually that things will get better. so this week we just did the same stuff as last week, mostly just tracting and seeing people. transfer info is this week, and i don't know what going to happen. ill let you know whats going to go on. I'm pretty sure that were staying here though again for another transfer. anyway ill let you know. well that's it for now, thanks for everything  i really do appreciate it. that's all for now, bye!
love hank

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