Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Excerpt of email dated August 15, 2011

hey how you doing?! so you guys finally got the SD card? I'm glad you got it! i like it when you guys get to see a little bit of whats going on out here. sorry about all the gross pictures, haha! i just think that the gross pictures are fascinating if that's the right word for it i don't know. the abandoned building, yes that's a Katrina damaged building that just sits there now, about a quarter of a mile from our apartment.
so this week has rained alot again! its awesome, the rain is very good and I'm surprised at how often it rains. its cool though. we saw gator on Friday with one of the members in the ward, they got a long perfectly and it was cool seeing them get along. ill try to get a picture of him sometime. probably when i leave this area and i go around to get pictures of everyone. the people down here on the coast are really nice. the coast of Mississippi is really alot different than the rest of Mississippi, like Vicksburg for example. its funny though, there's a joke that all the normal people of Mississippi live on the coast, haha! bay st. Louis is a cool place and I'm going to be a little bummed when i leave, there are times though where I'm anxious to leave because I'm not used to it, but now that I'm really getting to like the place its pretty cool. the people are really nice down here. transfer info is on September 3rd and hopefully i get to stay again though. we'll see. anyway thanks for the letter I'll keep Mark in mind, that's very nerve racking. anyway thanks. ill talk to you next week, love ya bye.
love hank

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