Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Helped someone move...mardi gras...etc.

hey mom whats up?! hey sorry i haven't emailed in awhile now. yesterday was very busy. me and wag went to waveland to go help one of their people they're working with. we helped him move into his new house. it took all day! but it was cool though. he was a cool guy. this past week we went to diamondhead to go teach this new girl were teaching. we've taught her the first 2 lessons so far and its going pretty good but we'll see hos it goes though. we also went to jacks house again.  oh and mardi gras is coming up too! mardi gras is also very huge down here! from new Orleans all the way to mobile Alabama, mardi gras is celebrated hugely. everyone has work off and stuff, last mardi gras i was in Vicksburg and it was celebrated, but nobody had like work off or anything. but down here everyone is getting ready for it. its going to be crazy. well anyway that's what is going on right now. not too much. well mom thanks for the letter, ill talk to you later, love ya bye!
love hank

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