Thursday, January 5, 2012

Transfers this week....where will he go?

hey mom how you doing, sorry that i haven't emailed back yet. well transfers on on Saturday, ill let you know sometime next week whats going on. i would love to get all of your guy's predictions like we did a few months ago, that was cool. so these past few days i was with elder mor in waveland on exchanges, it was cool i like elder morris he's a cool guy. so new years was awesome, we just stayed at the apartment and watched all the fireworks, there was so much smoke, it was crazy, everybody lights off fireworks down here! it was cool though. .....well so far me and wag and doing good, were really hoping that well like the transfer info this week. hopefully i stay again. if i stay again I'll be down here for a total of 10 and a half months. but well see. well pass christian is cool i hope i stay again, thanks again for all that you've done, I'll talk to you next week with the transfer info on what's going on. talk to you later, love ya bye!
love hank 
hey dad whats up?! sorry i haven't emailed back sooner yet. well transfer week is this week. i know what you mean about not getting your hopes up but and being prepared for stuff happening that you don't want to happen. i know that I'm going to leave pass Christan eventually, but i really want to be here for as long as i can. its been a good run. .....hey dad sorry my letter is so short this week,....well dad thanks for everything and the letter, ill talk to you next week and let you know what happens. love ya, bye!
love hank

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