Monday, January 30, 2012

Transferred on his 21st birthday 2 days ago! (Jan 28)

hey mom! well I'm in my new area. I'm writing you today at brother spi's house. he's a cool guy in our ward, the library costs a dollar for people without cards so were doing it here today. well my new area is Picayune, Mississippi. its pronounced PICK YOON by the way. its about 30 miles north of pass christian. it's so close and so far away at the same time. well i was transferred out of my favorite area on my birthday and it was depressing for the most part, but its cool that i got to be 21 now. thanks for the birthday package you sent! the air heads too! I'm going to get sick from eating all those. well my last week in the pass we were saying goodbye to everybody. it was actually very sad for me. i don't know if I'm going to be able to see these people again, and that thought was always on my mind when i was saying goodbye to everybody. there are so many people that i really liked, the lie family, the necs, gene J, jack, jason, the gels, the cuas', the turfs. anyway i took a lot of pictures and stuff. I'll send them sometime.
well my new companion is elder Wag again! that is cool. Picayune got doubled out and we got doubled into picayune! so were still together.

now this area may be a temporary area for like 3 weeks, so its very possible i could be transferred out of here in 3 weeks on transfers. so you can send me stuff to this address, but on transfer week, send it to the mission home instead until i give you the "ok" again. thanks again for everything. thanks again for everything. love you mom, bye!
love hank

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