Thursday, February 2, 2012

Changed my mind on going private!

I posted a few days ago, mentioning that I was going to make the blog private.

I've heard from several of you the past few days who mentioned that you would like to be invited to view this blog when it goes private.  Thank you! 

BUT....after thinking it over more, and talking it over with several other people, including Jonna, I've decided not to make it private after all.  Making it private makes it very difficult for friends and family to view, and the whole point of this blog, is to let loved ones take a quick look on how they are doing. 

So instead, I'm changing a few things, just to keep things more private and secure. I am no longer posting their addresses on this blog.  If you would like their current addresses, you can either leave me a comment and I'll email it to you, or you can go onto their facebook page, and it'll be posted there. If you aren't "friends", let me know, and I'll add you once you request.  


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