Monday, February 20, 2012

(From Jonna) Last week at the MTC

(Excerpt of email from Jonna today)
Hello all!
....Well, this week has been great. Much faster than last week. I haven't seen the Treadway kid. I don't expect to, but I will keep an eye out. I've seen Taylor and Joey a few times. I saw Taylor yesterday and he said he was leaving today. I leave next Monday for Houston. My flight leaves about 9 is, I think?? I need to check my plans again. I don't know if I'll call or not. It is easier for me to just go, so don't be offended if I don't call! :)
On Friday, our district was outside studying, and an international something came to film a documentary at the MTC. They filmed our district for a few minutes and then interviewed 4 missionaries (not in our district). It should be coming out in about April or May they said. So, look for some international documentary with the MTC and look for me! Haha
Yesterday, Sunday, was great! It snowed again, but we were still able to go walk around the temple and take pictures. I'm glad you got the photos I sent. At the fireside lat night, we sang "Called to Serve" and it was COOL! (Other RMs, did you do this?) There are bout 2000 missionaries in the room, so they had us sing as if we were Helaman's army coming over a hill. So, we sang louder and louder til we stood and sang the chorus one last time. It was amazing. I felt so happy to be a part of a booming missionary group. Loved it.
There is so much that happens here at the MTC, but I cannot possibly write it all. We are in class all the time, we teach "investigators" everyday, we eat, go to the gym, try to sleep. Teaching is ok. I am not so good at it. The elders here are so much more humble than I am. They are doing a fantastic job at getting the Spirit and I am struggling to be humble. So, sometimes, we have good visits, but other times (Thursday! Ah!) not so good. But, we woke up Friday, and it was great! I really admire the humility and love that the elders in our district have. By the way, we talked to our Branch Presidency, and they said that our district has no problems with companions. Everyone is happy, everyone gets along, and everyone is happy to be here. They said that a whole district that is unified like ours is rare. We feel so blessed.
By the way, Mom, or somebody, could you DearElder me by Friday to let me know what the weather is going to be like in Houston on Monday? I want to make sure I wear boots if I need to. it is freezing here! I am cold all the time! I'm the only one in my district who is from warmer climate so I get a few jokes every now and then. Haha. I saw an icicle and took a photo, I alaways say "Look at that mountain!" and they make some funny comment about how I'm from AZ. It's funny. But, the sun came out yesterday and I never felt to happy about it! I think what I miss most right now is the hot summer sun. Sigh...
Well, I've got 6 minutes left on my timer. I've gotta get going. Thanks for writing. Not sure when I'll write again. I'll be in Houston on Monday so it just depends on when the Pday is.
Love you all!
Sister Jackson

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