Tuesday, February 7, 2012

(From Lisa) Lots of activity around here...

Well, Jonna leaves tomorrow for her mission.  In fact, 24 hours from now she'll be taxi-ing down the runway, ready for take off.  We'll probably be on the roof of the airport, waiting to watch her plane take off and disappear in the sky.  We're such an obsessive family when it comes to that stuff!  We did the same thing almost 18 months ago when we watched Hank leave, and neither John nor I could move until we couldn't see the plane anymore.  Jonna asked if we were going to be that crazy this time, and I said "probably".  I think secretly she's glad we're waiting to watch her take off, but she would never admit it!  haha.  I'll post pictures of her departure.  Right now, I'm emotionally very stable.  Amazing.  Tomorrow...probably a different story. 

Hank is in a new area now,  Picayune, and trying to adjust to a new place.  After being in the same area for 9 1/2 months, I think it's been an adjustment.  Fortunately, he and his companion transferred together, so the change is gradual, at least for the next couple of weeks, until transfers. 

A.J.- we're waiting for his call.  Jonna is hoping it comes today before she leaves...we're all hoping.  But if not, we'll have to let her know in the MTC where her brother is going.  He's ready to go, and I know having 2 siblings out makes it that much easier and exciting for A.J.  Hank blazed the trail for our family, and now we can't keep them home!!  I do love it, I'm very happy.  Just can't stop the tears once in awhile. 

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