Friday, February 10, 2012

A.J. got his call!! We get to keep the name of the blog "Siblings in the South"!

Well, as predicted, A.J. got his mission call the day after Jonna entered the MTC.  He opened his call last night about 8:45 PM after everyone got home from all the different places we had to be.  It was the funniest experience watching him open his call! 

(If you want to see the link, click here.  It's about 5 minutes long.)

He read the first couple of lines, until it got to the place he is going to serve:

He stopped there, and put the letter down.  He said "I'll read the rest later."  I think he just wanted to read the rest privately.  Little did he realize there was a little bit more to his letter.  After congratulating him of his call, we finally got around to asking him if he was going English.  A.J. realized he didn't check that, so he picked up the letter to find out.  It took him a good 2 minutes to finally find it in the letter, and the look on his face when he spotted it was priceless!

So A.J. is going to the Florida Orlando Mission, and will be speaking Haitian Creole.  It is the native language of Haiti, and sounds like it has some French in it.  He is SO happy to go.  I came home from work today, and he gave me a list he'd written, of phrases translated from English to Creole.  He is ready to do this.  How blessed he is to have 2 other siblings out with him for a little while.  I am so happy for all 3 of them, and can honestly say that "my cup runneth over".  It's all good stuff. 
A.J. reports May 16, which is 3 days after Mother's Day, and 6 days after Jonna's birthday.  I'm so glad he gets to talk to Jonna and Hank one more time before he leaves.  It'll be good for all three of them to connect one more time like that before A.J. joins them out in the mission field.

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