Wednesday, February 8, 2012

She's off!

Wow.  Seeing another missionary off doesn't get easier.
 Just 17 months ago we were here
saying goodbye to Hank. 
 Now it's Jonna's turn. 
She's off on a new adventure, and we couldn't be happier for her!
But it's still tough to go through this again. We said some quick goodbyes at the airport...

I yelled out "Jonna...look back!"  And she did. 

On the roof, waiting to watch her plane take off.

Jonna took this picture from her plane window as she was waiting to take off.  We were on the roof, waving, hoping she saw us.  Yeah!  She did! 
She put on the caption on the back of this picture:  "Saw you from my window seat when I wierdos....:-)" 


....and just like that, she's with Aunt Karron!  Thank you Karron for picking her up at the airport, and taking her to lunch, to the Provo Temple for pictures and taking her to the MTC.

She is READY!
She looks SO happy.  She's been so overwhelmed the past few days getting ready...even at the airport, she was just ready to "rip the band-aid off and say goodbye".  She looks so much more relaxed here, and ready to go. 
And there she goes...
Bye Jonna!
love you...

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  1. many emotions go through my mind as I watch her fly away and be there at the MTC now! Congratulations Jackson family on another missionary!
    Love you all so much! You are in our thoughts!

    Love, Debi