Monday, February 13, 2012

(From Jonna) Jonna's first email from MTC!

(This is an excerpt of Jonna's email home.  She sounds great. So nice to hear from her, and know that she is happy.  Her younger brother A.J. got his mission call the day after Jonna went into the MTC, so this is in response to her learning about his call.)
Hey Everyone!
I got your Dear Elders on Thursday night. HOW COOL AJ?????? My whole district kept asking me on Wed & Thurs about you and where you are going. They thought Haitian Creole was cool. And, Orlando?? we have to make it to Disney World someday! 
.....That is so cool about our dog! I hope we get to keep him! With my luck though, the healthy dog will get hit by a car, but Juliet lived for a LONG time!
Anyway, I have loved every moment in the MTC...ok...almost every moment. I didn't call, but texted instead because I felt ready to go. I have great companions. Sister Saal (like Saul) and Sister Christiansen. Sis. S is going to Vancouver and Sis. C is going to Hawaii! I sent a letter home on Friday, but I'm sure you won't get it until today. It is super short. It snowed yesterday! Wow! I was grouchy about it in the morning, but as I watched it build on the grass and trees throughout the day, I loved it!
I wish I could tell you all the awesomeness of the MTC, but I've only got 14 minutes left on my timer. I found Elder Mattison a few times and we've talked about how we're adjusting. We also both got AJ's letters, so we are super excited. I also found Elder Miller. He was so happy to see me. I was like "Hey cousin!!" It was funny. So, tell Kayla and her family that he looks like he is doing great. I walked by him while he and his district were taking map pics. So, yes, I got one of us too.
The teaching is hard, I've had to learn to get out of my comfort zone and be confident! Actually, "bold and loving" according to PMG. I love feeling the Spirit. I haven't felt homesick yet. When thoughts of home or missing something come about, I quickly "delete" it from my mind and focus on Christ. It works wonders.
I've only got 10 minutes left so I need to wrap up.
Love you all, but I've gotta go!
Sister Jackson

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