Tuesday, February 7, 2012

(Hank) Adjusting to new area.

hey mom, how you doing? my first week in picayune is over, and my second one begins. its been hard but things are getting better. we only got 1 person we are talking to. his name is rob, and he's from south Africa. hes a cool guy, and well see how it goes. he's literally the only investigator we have. we've spent most of the week doing tracting and stuff but it wasn't going so well. picayune is cool though.on Saturday there was a big storm and there was even a tornado watch! pretty cool. but nothing happened except for rain. haha, I'm in a new district now, I'm part of the picayune district, but I'm still in the slidell zone. today I'm going on exchange with the zone elders again. then on Friday I'm going to hattiesburg for a meeting for the dl's and the zl's. the district I'm in now is me and wag, and the sister missionaries. they're really cool. sister van is not in my district actually, she is in the waveland district now. they reworked the district boundaries. well jonna leaves Wednesday and i hope it all goes well for her. the dog story is awesome though, haha! i feel bad for the owner but that would be cool if we kept it too. so that's it for now, ill write back next week, love ya bye!
love hank
hey dad how you doing? well jonna is going on her mission this week, it really came up really fast. my first week in picayune was good. although very slow. we have only 1 person weer teaching. his name is rob and hes a cool guy. he's from south africa and his brother is a memeber. we've made friends with a few people in the ward. brother sp is really cool. we do our laundry and stuff at his house.other than that not much has happened. were just trying to get to know the place and get used to everything. transfers in in 2 weeks and i really hope that we both get to stay again. this week is going to be a busy week. first we have exchanges with the zone leaders until wednesday then on friday im going to hattiesburg for a meeting with district and zone leaders. jonna leaves on wednesday and its hard to imagine her not being home when i get back, and maybe even aj. im coming up on 17 months and i'm nearing the end of my mission, its cool and everything but its weird to think im going to be the oldest one home. well that's it for now, sorry for such a short letter, I'll tlak to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank 

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