Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dec 27. Two days after Christmas...

hey mom how you doing?! it was so great talking to all of you guys on Sunday! it was so cool to finally be able to talk to you guys after 7 months. wow that so crazy, 7 months without talking, that's the longest time so far i think I've gone without talking to you all. I'm looking forward to my next and last phone call in a few months. so Christmas was great! we went to the gel family for dinner. they are so cool, one of my favorite people to go to. i enjoyed being there for Christmas. so yah i was telling you about jack, me and dietz met him like 3 days after we got doubled in to pass, and ever since then we've been seeing him. he's a really cool guy who enjoys our company. we usually see him a few times a week. the pictures you sent were awesome! i loves seeing all the pictures of everybody talking! it was really cool. i have a picture of me too talking if you want that one. I really enjoyed the gifts you guys sent me, i really like the 2 half pound Reese's cups you sent me, i haven't eaten them yet, but they will be gone soon though, haha! well right now I'm writing you in slidell at the lds employment thing/ bishops storehouse place. I'm on exchange until Wednesday with elder dav. and elder hig is with elder wagi n pass until Wednesday! its funny that they're together again.well that's it for now, again i loved talking to all of you guys, i cant wait to do it again, tanks or everything ill talk to you next week, in the year 2012! love ya bye!
love hank 
hey dad, how is it going? i really liked talking to you on Sunday. i really wish we could have talked longer, but oh well. May will be here soon enough. i wonder if I'm going to be able to talk to everybody again on mothers day next year. i sure hope so, but well see. i like hearing about your guy's Christmas, it so sounds like what we do every year. the puzzles is a really good tradition. it is actually one of the things that i look forward to the most around Christmas season. the harder the puzzle the more fun they seem to be. this week was pretty cool. just seeing everything slow down and get ready for Christmas. a lot of people left town, and a bunch of stores and places were closed too. it was cool though to think that this is my last Christmas out on my mission. i remember last Christmas and it was a year ago. it feels so long ago but it also feel like it was just a few months ago too. its weird, but that's what it feels like. anyway, thanks for all that you guys have done, and all the letters you write and the packages. i really like them, i cant thanks you guys enough for doing it. until next week, love ya bye!
love hank

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