Thursday, December 8, 2011

hey mom, another week has gone by. its been pretty good, this week, we mostly just went to gulfport, and saw the necs again this week too.this area is cooling off too. during the day it gets kind of cold, but at nighttime is when it gets the coldest. its still not too bad though. just like home it gets warm sometimes. it sounded like a pretty cool week back home, just running around going to all the events going on. thanks for wanting to send me thermals and stuff, but I'm ok, its not too cold. ill be fine. last winter i was in northern Louisiana, and it got cold, but nothing too bad. so we got a new zone leader now its elder H! do you remember him? he was elder w's trainer in west monroe. anyway he's our new zone leader now. its pretty cool because it feels a little like last year again. well mom thanks fort the letter ill talk to y0u next week, love ya bye!
love hank
hey dad, so this week was pretty good, its awesome that I  get to stay for another 6 weeks, it will be 9 months in total, its really exciting. I'm glad that ill be able to talk to you again while I'm in the pass. so this week was transfer week, so us four (me, w, mat, and mo) went to gulfport to hang out with the other missionaries. it was cool, elder T was there, it was cool to see him again. we saw the necs again this week, which was cool. they are doing good, even though they have really slowed down. but they are awesome people and i have become really good friends with them. on Thursday we had a missionary movie night and we showed the testaments. about 5 people showed up, and i made the popcorn it was cool. those were pretty much the big highlights for the week. oh next week is zone conference and elder cardon from the seventy is coming. its pretty cool, but its going to be on next Monday, so you may get my next letter on Tuesday. well dad that's about it for now, i cant wait to talk to you all on Christmas, thanks for everything, love ya bye!
love hank

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