Monday, November 28, 2011

Transfer week: Staying in the Pass again!

hey mom how you doing? well what a crazy week, i went to slidell for a day and thanksgiving, and transfer info. so this is whats going on with transfers. I'm staying in the pass again for another transfer! pretty cool. i really think this is my last 6 weeks here. by the time this next 6 weeks is up, ill be in the pass for 9 months. it's awesome that i was able to be here for so long. well for Thanksgiving we went to 3 dinner appointments. it was good, but we all got sick kind of after our first dinner. the stuffing was the best part for me about the food. me and elder W are excited to serve again for another transfer and for Christmas. last year me and W celebrated new years, and we are again this year too. I'm really excited for Christmas this year that I'll get to talk to you guys again. well things are going good here, I'm really glad that you guys had an awesome thanksgiving, i really cant wait to have thanksgiving with you guys again. its going to be fun. i really like hearing what you guys are all doing and stuff. so what did you get at black Friday? is it a surprise? i can't wait to hear what it is! that was awesome about A.J. playing chess with pill bottles and cards, haha that was awesome! well thanks again for the letter, ill talk to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank

Email to John:
hey dad, hows it going? well this week i got back from slidell on thanksgiving and then immediately we went to a meal appointment. it was crazy. it was a pretty crazy week. well with transfers, me and W are staying again for 6 more weeks. its awesome that i get to stay down here again. thanksgiving was good, we ate a lot of food and i got a little sick from it. haha but it was good though. it sounded pretty good back home too. all the family coming over and and the family movie and stuff, it sounded really fun. i got the package you guys all sent me this week, thank you so much for all that food. it was awesome, i already ate all the pancakes, haha! ill be eating it over the next few weeks...well dad thanks for everything, i cant wait to talk to you on Christmas, thanks for everything, love ya bye!
love hank

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