Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 7, 2011

hey mom, sounds like a better week this week. Jonna got her call! That's pretty cool, Houston east mission. Whats the boundaries? I saw that you sent a Texas map, maybe you could copy the mission map and send it, I'm just curious as to what her mission boundaries are. That's so cool that shes going to be so close to me. We may very well be in Louisiana at the same time, or even Texas at the same time. Elder Mat got his new companion this week, elder Mat is cool he's been with elder Kni for the past few months but now he's with elder Mor. He's a greenie straight from the mtc. me and Wag are back  working pass christian again. its cool. this week we saw the nec's again, and we finally saw gator again, we haven't seen him in awhile. he's a great guy, they gave us a whole bunch of food and stuff. this week Wag is going to Slidell until Wednesday for exchanges, I'm going to be with elder Will until Wednesday. well mom I'll to you later, thanks for everything, bye!
love hank
hey dad how you doing? thanks for the letter, this week was a lot better then last week. well the 3 companionship thing ended this week, elder Mat got his greenie on Friday. elder Mat is going to do great training him. So you said that a family moved to long beach? that's cool! that is right next pass christian, I've been there a lot. its not in the pass area but its very close. I know the missionaries who are in that area. this week we saw gator again and same with the necs. the necs are doing good still, they didn't come to church but there still doing good. this week was Halloween, and that meant that you guys listen to When October Goes. I listened to it also on Halloween and I though of you guys the whole time, I knew you were listing to it too. That's the last Halloween on my mission, its a cool thought that I'll be home for the next one. well dad I have to go, everybody is telling me to hurry up and stuff, thanks for the letter and everything that you do for me. I'll talk to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank

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