Saturday, November 12, 2011

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Jonna surprised her family and friends by turning her mission papers in without telling anyone.  She told John and I in August, and she told A.J. sometime in September, and told Hank on October 18, and told Jeri, Addie & Carla on Oct 30th, the night before her call came.  Other than that, none of her friends or extended family knew she was thinking of going. She got the call on Halloween. On October 18 she got the following email back from Hank.  She forwarded it to me saying: "Do not post this on the blog until I have my call and I've announced it. :)"
So now I'm posting his response to her deciding to go on a mission:
Whats up?!! wow Jonna! That is a big secret, it's exciting though, I'm sure you'll have a great time, make sure to let us know where your going. I know you will, haha! wow that's cool. So only A.J. and me and mom and dad know? Cool, I'm in the loop, haha! So that's why your going to the temple? haha, I should have known. So you should be getting your call in like 3 weeks? ok i have a bit of advice for you out in the mission field: Be yourself, and its ok to have fun. I'm serious it may not seem like this is advice, but it really is. There's a ton of missionaries who are not themselves and do not have fun. This is cool, I'm excited for you. well jonna, thanks for the news. I'll talk to you next week, love ya Jonna and good luck! bye!
love Hank

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