Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fender bender, flooded apartment..."crazy week"

hey mom how you doing?! haha your crazy adventure hiking was really amusing! I'm sure you guys were probably freaking out at the end! me and wager had kind of a crazy week too. especially on Tuesday. so Tuesday morning we wake up to these 2 guys in our apartment, and we find out that they are working on the plumbing. our apartment was flooded, our kitchen got about 2 inches of water, and our hallway was soaked and our room was soaked. the main pipeline backed up and ours and another persons apartment got flooded by it. we were told that we had about 350 gallons of water in our apartment. so we left that day with the plumbers and carpet cleaning people to do there stuff, and around one o'clock we got in a car accident. don't worry it wasn't that bad. W was driving and he went through a stop sign and a car that was already going hit us on the side of the car. we now have a huge dent on the side of our car and the whit paint scratch all over it. but were fine though no injuries or anything. so that was Thursday.
i heard about Shawna's mom, we went and stopped by this week, and her husband was there and he told us.  so this week we saw the necs again. they are doing good still, we had a good time on Saturday they had us over for dinner. hopefully we will see them again this week. transfers are next Tuesday, and the transfer info is this Saturday. i really hope that i stay for at least one more transfer. pass christian is a good place and I'm really glad that i was able to come here. well mom thanks for the letter, ill talk to you next week.  love you bye!
love hank

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