Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We got a nice email from Hank today.  He loves his companion, loves the families they are teaching, and just sounds good.  We had to break the news to him that our dog Juliet passed away yesterday.  He loved Juliet, and we debated if we should tell him or not.  He was glad we told him, and took the news very well, but asked that we not post his letter this week on the blog.  It was a crazy week over here in our home, we also had to tell him about an accident John and A.J. were in this last week, in which no one in our family was hurt, but a man on a bike was--pretty badly.  We are grateful he wasn't killed.  Hank was a bit surprised by all the news...and I feel bad we had to hit him with so much.  You sometimes second guess what to share and what not to share, and hopefully we made the right call.  He sounds so good, though, and as I said, loves this family they have been teaching.  He loves the area he's in, and has enjoyed being District Leader.  Jonna, our oldest, got her mission call today, and so she will be letting him know the news this week.  He's pretty excited about her going, and I know he'll be even more excited when he finds out she's going to Texas, and part of Louisiana!  I have changed the blog title from "Elder Jackson goes to Jackson", to "Siblings in the South".  I thought it was an appropriate title, and seems to fit! 

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