Monday, October 3, 2011

Oct 3, 2011- Day after General Conference

hey thanks for the letter, i really like conference this week. my favorite talk was elder cook's titanic talk. it really was good, i know a bunch of random facts about the titanic and i really like the movie too. it was cool that he related a lot of stuff to it. well this week we went and had dinner with Shawna on Wednesday. she is really cool, her daughters are funny! we talked a lot about movies. i had a good time over there. hopefully i stay here again for another transfer so we could go over more. that's cool that Carla wants to do a haunted house, i always wanted to do one, haha! i still do actually, i would love to help Carla out on it. thanks for keeping Juliet alive too, haha! i looked at Jeri's profile, its really good, i liked it. i can't wait to see your guy's. those were about the big highlights of the week, conference and dinner with Shawna. this week should be good though. I'll hit my 1 year in Mississippi mark tomorrow. pretty exciting. well mom thanks for everything, I'll talk to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank
well conference is over, only 1 more conference left on the mission. its a cool thought. as cool as it is to be out here, its cool to think that next October conference will be at home. well i liked conference it was good, i like cooks talk about the titanic alot. it was probably my favorite one. well this week was pretty good, conference is always good because you just get to sit down and relax. its really nice. i was thinking about you guys eating the red lobster, we went to subway, haha! still good, but not as good. it was great though. none of our investigators came but it was still fine, we'll just see how they did this week. we watched it at the Waveland building. well that's all that i can think of, we didn't see the nec's or gator this week. they've been real busy, we'll try this week. well dad thanks for the letter, I'm sorry the letter is so short. I'm really trying to be better at writing better letters. I'm probably going to have to send and audio tape. I usually say a lot more. well dad thanks for everything, I'll talk to you later, bye!
love hank

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