Monday, October 31, 2011

Jonna got her mission call today!

Well, we now will have 2 missionaries out, beginning Feb 8th.  When Jonna told us in August she was thinking of going, she asked that we not say anything to anybody, even our other children.  She didn't want anyone to know she was thinking about it, in case she changed her mind.  Then, when she decided to go, and put her papers in, she decided to have fun with it in the process...and wanted to keep it a surprise.  THE HARDEST secret I've had to keep.  But I honored her wishes, and said nothing, not even to my siblings.  (Please forgive me!)  She was hoping to get her call last week, but it didn't come, so she figured that it would come this Thursday or Friday.  Last night John went to a priesthood leadership meeting, and it was mentioned in the meeting that John's daughter was waiting for her call.  John texted Jonna (we were in Payson, driving back from my nephew Noah's mission farewell) and said "you'd better tell your siblings...the word it getting out".  She told them last night, and they were stunned, surprised, etc.  Of course, then Jeri and Addie wanted to know who was getting her room!  Oh well...!  To everyone's surprise, even Jonna's...the call came this evening about 5:00 PM, just as we were making dinner (feeding the missionaries in fact!), and getting Halloween costumes ready.  John casually brought it in and handed it to Jonna as she was making treats for dinner.  She looked at it, held it, and had a look of disbelief in her hands.  I was also in disbelief.  She said "I can't believe I'm really doing this..."  She has felt so right about it since making the decision, and reality is setting in.  She will be serving in the Texas Houston East Mission, reporting Feb 8th!  So now I will be maintaining this blog for 2 missionaries!  Possibly 3 when our son A.J. gets his papers in.  And so I may change the title of the blog again...but for now, it went from Elder Jackson goes to JACKSON, to Siblings in the South.  We'll see if it changes when A.J. gets his call! 

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  1. Whoa! Little Jonna is going on a mission! How wonderful. Please send her our best wishes. She is going to love Texas. It is a great place to serve a mission. :)