Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Transfers this week...he gets to stay in Pass Christian again! District Leader, New "Old" companion.

hey mom how you doing? well as you guys have probably figured out, there have been same changes in the area. well Elder T was transferred out and became a zone leader in Gulfport, only 15 miles away from pass christian. so i stayed in Pass Christian, A.J. was right in the guess's. that's a really good idea doing the guess's. you guys should do it every transfer haha! and i am now the District leader. pretty cool. my new companion is Elder W! do you remember him? he was west Monroe with me while i was with Elder Cummock! W is a cool guy i really like him, he knows alot about movies. this may be my last transfer, i know i said that last time but this one really may be. well this week was cool transfers always make things crazy though. this whole week pretty much elder T and K just went around saying goodbye to as many people as they could. we saw the nec's this week, and they made the best dinner ever. they basically bought a whole bunch of shrimp and they cooked it in a bunch of different ways. they barbecued this shrimp that was so good. we had a good time going over there. its been cooling off down here. it starts to actually make you want to get warm. I'm really excited for winter. Carla had an awesome birthday party! all those people, haha! i bet Carla loved it. October is almost over, this is the last October in my mission. its weird that I've already been through an October on my mission. ill have to listen to that Barry Manilow song again. well mom thanks for the letter, I'll talk to you next week, love ya bye!
love hank
This was taken when Hank was in his first area, West Monroe, Louisiana, about February of 2011. Hank's new companion now, Elder W, is in this picture, on the far left. 

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