Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Zone Conference, Elder Carden visits

hey whats up? thanks for your letter, i especially liked the whole concert dilemma thing. i remember those well. its funny now not going to it and just hearing about it, and yet I'm able to picture exactly;y whats going on. dad told me that at Carla's concert they sang the same songs again, this is America and Christmas is coming and we are getting fat.
....zone conference was yesterday and elder carden of the seventy spoke. he was cool and it was good to listen to him. he had a lot of cool things to say. especially this one thing about the wise men at the nativity.... I'm really looking forward to Christmas in 2 weeks and talking to yall. it will be so good. it amazing how far into my mission I'm actually at now. this week will be my 15 month mark, 9 to go. very exciting. anyway mom thanks again for the letter, and ill talk to you next week, and then talk to you for real on the week after that. love you bye!
love hank

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