Sunday, November 18, 2012

(A.J.)- dated Nov 13, 2012

Hey guys how is it going. Sounds like it was just a normal week. Well my week was pretty normal too. Nothing much to talk about. Elder Carlson is awesome. We still get along great. oh, so something kinda crazy happened actually. So we have these English Elders that we work with all the time. We don't live in the same apartment, but we live in the same complex area. basically we see them every day and spend a lot of time with them. So anyways, we were doing an exchange the other day, so elder carlson was with Elder Potter, and I was with our district leader Elder Reneer. And so Elder Potter and Carlson were on their bikes just going to some place, when Elder Potter clipped a motorcycle and flipped over his handle bars and hurt his shoulder pretty good. So what happened was the motorcycle pulled out in front of them while they were about to bike across a place where cars pull out, like if we were going to pull out of mountain view on to alma school. So they were biking across something like that, when a motorcycle zoomed up to pull out really fast, and he clipped the back tail of the motorcycle and hurt his shoulder. And then the motorcycle guy looked at him, and then took off. He was fine, at first, but after a while his shoulder started to hurt really bad so they went to urgent care and they still don't know if it is just bruised really bad, or if he actually did pull his shoulder muscle, he has another appointment today and they will fine out. So ya that was kinda crazy. Well, other than that things have been the same old same old. Nothing much to report on. I sure can't wait till Christmas though. Oh two things I need. I need Jonna's mission office address so that I don't have to don't have to continually worry about what her new address is. And the second thing, well I don't really need it, but its just to let you guys know, when you guys are gonna send me a package for Christmas, you have to make sure it is sent in the mail by Dec. 12th. So a few days before that would be better. Well, That's about it, I will see you guys later. Take care.
Love, A.J.

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