Sunday, November 18, 2012

JONNA- Veteran's Day week - Dated Nov 13, 2012

Hey Everyone!
Yup, Veteran's Day on Sunday postponed us emailing until today. And, we almost had only 30 minutes to email but our appointment cancelled so now I've got a little more time than expected. Whew!
Well, update on Ann. She got hounded with all those hurtful calls last Sunday and Monday. Then, Tuesday morning, nothing. She is used to the phone ringing all the time because EVERYONE wants to talk to her. They call her nonstop on the way to work to say hi, grandkids calling, or whatever. When we are teaching her, the phone goes like 4-5 times. So, she is used to always being on the phone with relatives. Now, no one is calling. She is very lonely and it breaks my heart. She is still firm in her decision to be baptized, she doesn't regret it at all. She heard from a sermon on tape she had a while ago that "When following Christ, your biggest battle will be with your family." That has been in her mind and now she is experiencing it. She is ok, but hopes they soften up. They won't come for Thanksgiving so she is spending it with us and the Kethans and the Durrs. So, she is happy about that. But, she is nervous about Christmas. She is worried they won't come for Christmas. Yet, on Sunday she was so cheery. She said, "This mornin' Harvey and I got up to get ready for the same church." It was awesome. I love her. Also, update on Carrie. She is doing good. She is still on track for baptism and is excited. She is scheduled for Dec. 2nd. We are hoping that she stays committed and her family doesn't resist.
On Thursday, we had the Hour of Power. We tracted into a Baptist Preacher. Which isn't uncommon. He wasn't rude, but he was interesting. We tried to explain to him the importance of the Book of Mormon, but he wouldn't have it. Essentially, it was him preaching at us for 20 minutes about everything we believe too. Yet, he didn't understand when we said, "Yes, we believe that. And, there is more." Turns out, he is Harv and Ann's nephew. Haha. She thought that was funny when we told her about meeting Bobby. Haha
Well, we cleaned out the fridge on Saturday morning. A less-active has a bunch of pigs and we took our old food to feed them. Boy, it was funny! We had a nasty combo of cupcakes, chocolate cake, egg nog cake, lemondae cheesecake (yup...halloween leftovers), noodles, stale marshmallows, old conference crunch (sorry mom! I forgot I had it! I ate a TON of it and then forgot it was in the back of the pantry! So, the pigs got the rest. I was super sad...), old salad, and a few other things. It was so gross. We took it in a pot to the pigs and boy...those pigs were FIGHTING over it. I've fed those pigs before, but it was just melon rinds. This time, they were squealin' and chasin' each other off. Sister Erickson and I were going to take video of it. Pretty much, we those pigs told us we were awesome cooks! Haha. I'll send yall a photo of the slop before we mixed it. We took a photo of all the sweets we had to get rid of. Later we added the rest. So, sweets are good, but EVERYONE is pawning off the cakes and junk to the missionaries. We are gaining weight by the tons. OK, maybe not tons, but...anyway. We had to put a stop to us eating all that sugar. 
Well, yes, we found out that Obama won the election. We were driving to Colmesneil with Jackie Skinner for a lunch appointment and she told us. Everyone here is super upset. They keep saying that the times are here and the Lord is on His way. Which, I believe, but the election didn't tell me that. I knew beforehand. And, the missionary age change is what REALLY told me that. I am so sad that I couldn't hear Pres. Eyring and Elder Holland speak at Stake Conference. Sounds like it was good though. The work really is hastening. We are getting more missionaries then sending them home. And, it is turning into a super young mission. Pres. Crawford said when they got here, the average mission age was 12 months. Last year, it was 11, now it is 9. 9 months out of 2 years! That is young! I love hearing about all the mission calls people are getting! Keep me updated! I never heard where Hyrum Layton was going? And, Natalie Lewis is so nice to say something like that. Boy, was it hard to leave that job. Tell Kathy that sometimes I get Kinder songs stuck in my head ("...and I can't sit still!..") and I'll also say phrases like, "I was sitting criss-cross applesauce..." or "In kindergarten last year, we made homemade butter." People look at me and say, "You are still in kindergarten?" haha, it is ingrained into me I guess. Boy, I love that job.
Dad, keep me posted on that job! I can't wait to hear. I hope you get it. And, thanks for the article. I need to read over it again, but I don't have much time. So, I'll have to take a photo of it and read it later. And, could yall mail me my own General Conference issue? Just anytime. Thanksgiving or Christmas. Whenever. I feel bad, yall are spending a lot of $$ of shipping. So, whenever you get a chance, could you also print and send me that Elder Holland talk? I got the email and so far it is so good! But, printing in Woodville costs 25 cents a page. ugh. Thanks yall.
Addie, got your email. It is cold here in the humid! I got me a simple little ear warmer headband thing. Ya, like I know how to wear such a thing. Sister Erickson talked me into it. She's from Utah, so she is going to help me learn how to dress for the winter. I have one scarf I inherited from past sister missionaries. So, she's gonna show me how to wear those things too. Lame. I didn't have style before my mission and now, as a missionary, whatever style I DID have, it totally gone. So, you and Jeri need to give me some pointers. Be ready to help me dress when I get home. I'm not gonna have the slightest clue on what to wear.
AJ, I sent you a letter today. I put my mission office address on it. So, hopefully you get it. Hank, Jeri, Carla...what's up? Nada??? Haha, just pickin. Hank, no photos this week? you've been so good at sending photos! I love em! As gross as they are... :)
Also, tell the Chapmans/Colemans hello for me. They've been in my prayers this week. How I loved Brother Chapman. Dad, good call on doing a ward photo a few years back. What a wonderful way to treasure the history of the 20th Ward. Have yall been still doing that?
Well, I've gotta get going now. We've got a busy few days ahead. Oh how I love being in Woodville. I am so glad I stayed too! If I had it my way, I'd stay here for a few months longer. Yet, I don't think I'll get that chance. I think I will get the boot next time-which is a week before Christmas. Anyway, time for me to get going. Hope yall are doing good. I love yall so much!
Sister Jackson

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