Monday, September 27, 2010

Doesn't sound so homesick anymore...!

Another excerpt from an email we got from Hank last Friday. I get a kick out of all his "haha"s.  He hasn't mentioned being homesick, so I think he's doing better.
Sept. 24, 2010
...hey im writing back today! Fridays are my P-day. but i think that will change by the time i get to mississippi. Maybe my P-day will change. I got all your letters and really appreiciate them. please write back more. Today ive just been writing alot! ive been writing to my friends and familiy. after im done Emailing Im going to write again to more of my friends. Anyway Thanks for the letters that youve been sending me. today we went to the temple, it was cool i guess haha. but i had no idea that there was a cafeteria in the temple! the food there is so good! its way better than the MTC food.
...Oh, and yah ive seen Jake quite a bit now. But we only have like 15 minuts to talk at a time. 
...well i got carlas illustration of me, that was great! please tell everybody to write letters. Oh and the package you sent, what did you put in it? haha im very excited for it! when should i expect it? well im looking forward to it. im still trying to get better at writing hand written letters, they wear my hand out. anyway thanks again for all the letters, Keep writing, haha! im going to write a handwritten letter home right after i send this one so you should be expcting a letter soon. anyway thats about it, bye!
love hank


  1. I'm sending Hank a letter today. Thanks for this beautiful blog. Missions are life changing. I LOVED mine! Parenting is also life changing. I'm happy to be doing that right now too. :-) Love you so much. It is 100 degrees here today! Feels like AZ without the AC.

  2. Kirsten- thank you SO much!! I can't even tell you. I was telling your mom, that until we sent Hank off...I thought I "got it" to how mom's and dad's and even siblings felt seeing them off...but I didn't. I could only imagine. I'm so grateful he's doing this, as much as I felt ill-prepared to be at this stage in my life. Sorry it's 100 degrees there. How is that possible???? Just stay wet...or do as Grandma Beecroft did when she was a little girl, wet all the sheets and hang them up in the windows. Nice thing about California, the heat is a fluke, and not the norm!! Love you too, Kirsten. Thanks for the note.