Monday, September 27, 2010

He flies out to Mississippi one week from today!

And just like that, Hank's only one week from heading out to Mississippi.  He is SO excited and ready to get out there.  I'm so glad.  Got a letter from him today, and he said he's trying to write more hand written letters.  He has expressed many, many times, both on email, and in letters, that he loves the letters. I wonder if we've spoiled him...I think he's gotten a letter from someone everyday, except for Sundays.  It's so easy to do with, which, while in the MTC anyhow, you can send off a letter, and it'll be delivered by noon the following day, no charge.  It's been a great way to help him feel connected, and I think it's helped him with his homesickness.  Now...once he gets to'll be a different story.  But we'll do our best to stay connected with him, while at the same time, allowing him space to grow, and focus on his purpose out there. 

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