Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hank's first email home!

The following is an excerpt of Hank's FIRST email home!  I'm leaving the spelling and punctuation as is...because I don't want to take away from who he is at all.  

"Hey mom!! im writing this the same time as i wrote a handwritten letter, but they are differsent. so read both of them haha.... anyway i get homesick quite abit when im here, especially at night. i miss all of you guys so much, even Juliet! keep her healthy, i want her to be there when i get back. Also you guys be good too, dont die or anything while im gone! haha, but im serious! ....with the email i have only 30 minutes to write or it logs me off without saving. but im sure thats only an MTC thing, i think out in the feild i get more time to write. or maybe im wrong...   
Love Hank Jackson"
I love that he signed it "Hank Jackson".  Even with birthday cards and Mother's and Father's Day cards, he always signs it "Hank Jackson".  I get a kick out of it. 


  1. He looks the same and how exciting he is in the MTC and preparing to go out in the field. I am psyching myself up for when Brandon goes in 4 years!