Monday, October 18, 2010

Email from Hank today- he didn't get our tape!

Another excerpt from an email we got from Hank today.  We are getting emails once a week, and also letters during the week from him.  He sounds SO good, and really loves it there.  We sent him a mini cassette tape last week, full of all kinds of crazy stuff we do at home.  We took it with us when we took our dog Juliet for a walk, Jeri sang a couple of songs, Jonna gave him some great older sister advice, Carla and Addie would randomly say something hilarious...and on and on.  We knew Hank would really get a kick out of it...and he was looking forward to getting it.  I mailed it out last week, and you can see in his email, he didn't get it.  Dang!  Have it do it all over again now.  And be very careful how I mail it next time.
"Oct 18, 2010
OK i need to start out first by saying that i got your letter in the mail. i got the sd card, but something terrible happened. when i got your letter there was a rip in the side and the tape was not in there. I am seriously so bummed that the tape didn't go through. i don't know what happened, if it just fell out or if they physically took it out. but i didn't get the tape. but i did get the sd card and letter. I'm going to send it back as soon as i can. i even made a photo description list that explains the pictures. so look for that in the mail. I'm glad to hear that Carla liked my happy birthday letter, i just thought that she would like that. things are going good here today. pdays are always good, we think about 2 days before what would be a fun thing to do on pday. today they wanted to go to a music store and play with the instruments. so that  should be good.
....on all the other days we just make appointments and tract a bit. i haven't started a lesson yet, but my companion does. he usually starts them, then sometime in the middle of the lesson i just kind of but in. the people here are nice for the most part. when they say there not interested, they do it in a nice way. i have met more nice people down here so far.
.....oh the bike trail that we went on is cool! i took alot of pictures, i cant send some today in email because i left the picture transfer thing back at the apartment. so sorry about that. the river is so cool. 2 days ago we went back around 7 in the morning and the bridge opened up to let a boat pass through. just like in the movies! i have never seen this! i took pictures of the bridge opened up. you'll see it when i send it to you. and also the houses down here are very worn down. i cant even explain as to how some of them look. it really is surprising though as to what these people live in sometimes.
....its starting to cool down and its really nice here. the night time down here is my favorite. it gets so nice and cool and stuff. at my apartment the people who live below us are members and we go there alot to eat and stuff. and the people below us and to the right know us to. they talk to us alot. they are non members. ...all the people who live around us are cool people though and really like us. we talk to them all the time. anyway not much has happened. ill write back in hand letters and next email bye!
love hank"

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