Monday, October 25, 2010

Excerpt from Oct 25, 2010 email home.

"hey mom!
this week has also been a pretty uneventful week also. not much has happened. on my regular days me and my companion usually just go try and meet some of the members. but a lot of them don't answer the phone and don't answer the door. we have a ward roster that we use to try and update. the roster is so outdated. anyway we spent a whole day inputting all the addresses on my companions GPS so that on the map the members homes would appear as blue dots. we usually spend the nights driving around to some random blue dots on the GPS to meet a member. so we drive up to this one house at like 7 o'clock at nigh in the woods. we go up to the house and knock. the lady opens the door and were like, "hey are you sister ______?" and she says, "not anymore I'm divorced and no longer a member." were like OK. we need to get an updated roster. about 25 people on our roster we can't visit because they're mad at the church, and another 20 people on the roster moved somewhere. and about 50% of the rest of the people live really far. the west Monroe ward boundaries covers: west Monroe, Calhoun, Eros, Downsville, and one more other city that i forgot the name of. We're allowed to go to these places but it eats up our gas whenever we drive out there. yesterday we had dinner at bishop Dixon's. he lives in Calhoun. we asked him to come pick us up, because were almost out of miles on our car. (miles on the car is something like this: we get 950 miles to drive a month. if we drive more than 950 miles in a month we get in trouble). so anyway it was good, we had like a chicken casserole. but then he pulled out hot peppers and it ended up being "who can eat the hot peppers". the peppers were actually hot, but not the hottest I've ever eaten, haha. so anyway this is what usually happens on our regular days.
" it sounds like that things are going good back home.

"...Halloween is coming up. Halloween is obviously one of my favorite holidays too. i was wondering what you guys were going to be doing for it. its on a Sunday this year so i don't know what you will do. anyway I'm still looking forward to it even though its on Sunday and we are just going to be inside all day. oh and speaking of Sundays, ill tell you what we do on Sundays. we wake up and go o church. I've already told you that the building is small, theres not alot of people who attend church. then after church we try to go home teaching with someone, but so far no one was able to yet. so then we go to the apartment and make calls until around 5 for dinner. if we have a dinner appointment we go to it. if not we go to the sapps downstairs. they enjoy living underneath the missionaries.
." that's about it.
.....thanks for writing and keep writing! bye! oh and happy birthday on Wednesday!
love hank"

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