Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nov. 1. 2010

Excerpt of email from Hank.  He has also been writing a lot of hand-written letters each week.  I haven't been putting his hand-written letters on the blog, it takes a lot of time to do.  In this excerpt he's answering some of my questions, about what his days are like, what his ward is like.  It sounds like what a big part of what their work entails, is finding and re-connecting with members who have lost touch, re-activating, etc.  He also has written about some of the things they've done on their P-Days.  He and his companion and the other Elders have taken their bikes onto some trails along the river, and have seen some beautiful country.  Hank loves it!   After he sends his SD card, I'll post some more pictures.
"....today I'm actually going on exchange with Elder Renshaw for today and tomorrow.  I come back Wednesday. I'm going to be in Monroe, Louisiana for the next 2 days....oh i got your letters last week! some of those rim pictures are actually pretty scary, i surprised none got hurt. oh and about our ward not a lot of people come. I counted yesterday to see how many people actually came. about 60- 70 people came. and the ward boundaries covers 3-4 cities. there really isn't that big of a youth program. The majority of the ward is adults and little kids. There's not a lot of youth."
love hank
PS sorry this letter is so short, my companions are all done writing and want to leave. ill write back alot more in hand letters.

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