Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nov 22, 2010

Hey mom!
this week has been crazy. I'll tell you about it but first I'm going to answer some questions. i got your Thanksgiving package! it was pretty awesome there was a lot of food and stuff in it. I'm definitely going to be eating all of it over the course of this next week. I'm glad to hear that your having thanksgiving with the Renteria's. its always fun when they come over. I still don't really know what I'm doing. were going over to members homes i think and eating. oh that member family i told you about who was from Gilbert and the mom went to Westwood, i don't know there names. i met them when i was on exchange in Monroe. I was there for a day and a a half, and i forgot there names. sorry. about the Christmas tree, you don't need to send one ha ha! were all thinking about buying a cheap 20 dollar tree to put in our apartment. I'm also looking forward to Christmas, to calling you.i still don't know how this phone call is going to work out. ...so i think were going to a members house to make the call. sometime in December I'm going to send a Christmas package to you guys. i think youl like it.
...Also this week my bike broke again! Ahh! so i have to take it into the bike shop and get it fixed. but i wont be able to do it this week because of money. next week we get "paid" again so I'm taking it in then. on the 29th we have zone conference again and this time its in Shreveport! I'm pretty excited to go to Shreveport! were only there for a day though. oh on a side note, last night we were at a members house and the amazing race was on. i was like, i bet my family is watching this right now. they were like in India or Brazil or something. anyway it was just cool thinking that "somewhere out there my family is watching this exact same thing" ha ha! anyway i just thought i would mention that. so ya that's been my week, write back soon and thanks for the packages! Bye!
love hank
PS tell aj to email me back haha

Part of letter to John:
Hey I just got your letter. the familiy that we are teaching are not from arizona. the people i met who were from arizona is a completly diffrent family. hes from new mexico and shes from texas. hes not a member and she is. its going really good. they came to church twice now and things are looking good. they have 3 kids and the oldest is 3. shes pregnant with her fourth right now.
about the harry potter movies. i heard that part 1 was really good. im going to definantly see it when i get back. so megamind was good? i was at the comic con panels for both harry potter and megamind and i wanted to see them both. how was it?
this week i also, my bike got busted again. i dont know how it happened. im taking it into the bike shop next week when we get "paid" again. ive only had the bike for a month and a half and i already have to fix it twice. anyway thats been about it, moms letter is my big detailed letter to the familiy, so theres alot more info about my week in there. bye!
love hank


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