Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dec 1, 2010

Hank had a zone conference in Shreveport, LA this past Monday, so his p-day was today instead.  Here's part of the emails we got from him today:
Hey Mom! 
Ahhh, its been an exhausting week! our last p-day was last Monday, so we had and extra long week. but on the bright side we have another p-day close by so that's going to be cool. not much has happened this week, other than thanksgiving. on thanksgiving we went to 2 families for lunch and dinner. we went to the B___ house for lunch and ate their thanksgiving lunch. their dinner was pretty much the same type of dinner but they cooked a lot of sweet potatoes! Dinner was a little different, we had the same basic stuff but the turkey was deep fried! deep fried turkey. it was pretty good but it was a little overcooked. And that's all we did on thanksgiving. the rest of the week we didn't do much because everybody is out of town. on Monday we went to Shreveport and went to zone conference. let me tell you, zone conference is LONG, haha! we started at 10am and it went till 4pm! oh and i said the opening prayer. the main thing that the zone leaders and president were saying is that they want 42 baptisms in the month of December. speaking of December, today is December 1st! i get to call home in 24 days! I'm pretty excited and I'm sure you guys are probably too. I'm actually going to send home a package to you guys, but you cant open it until Christmas! its a Christmas present. i hope you like it.
....oh last week we went to a service project in the morning and their was THICK fog! you couldn't see 20 feet past you! it was awesome! i took a ton of pictures of it! anyway it rains alot also, but that's a good thing. i enjoy the day alot more when its raining outside. well i hope you had a good thanksgiving it sounds like you did. and thanks for reed address I'm definitely going to write him.
.. ill write back soon, and ill write a letter if i forgot to put anything in here. I'm glad to hear that things are going good. well that's been about it. i cant wait for your next email on Monday! Bye!
love hank
Part of the email to John: 
hey dad,
hey I'm finally able to write back now! I've been looking forward to these emails. I'm glad to hear that you all had a good thanksgiving....thanksgiving was good, i felt a little homesick though this week, but emails home and knowing that i get to call you on Christmas makes it better.
... well most of the stuff i wrote is in moms letter....
...I'm glad that your game went good! anyway ill write back on Monday! Bye!
love Hank 

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