Monday, December 13, 2010

Dec. 13, 2010

Excerpt of Hank's email sent today.  I LOVE hearing from this guy!  It's why I look forward to Monday's more than ever.
....Thanks for your letters! I'm pretty excited for these packages coming in! I'm just curious. what did you get for B____, H____, and (this is how you spell his name) B____? haha! I'm sending home a package for you guys too! i hope you like it. i haven't heard from Jake yet actually. i wrote him last month but i haven't heard from him yet. oh thanks you again so much for the money to fix the bike. I'm sure the guy feels bad for us because we come in all the time to fix our bikes. my bike repair was worth around 60 dollers-ish but it only cost me around 30. i was pretty happy about it. that would be awesome if you just surprised me with Christmas presents. there is only like 1 thing that i actually want. ...some cactus jelly? i know that sounds really strange, but could you send a few jars of cactus jelly. I'll explain on Christmas more about this, haha.
...well that's about it. now I'm going to update you on the V____. well it didn't really go well this week with them. we taught the "stop smoking lesson" and it didn't go well. he told us that hes never going to stop smoking, but he said it in a nice way. he still wants us to come over and stuff and they come to church still. so that's whats going on. they are like our only people right now that we visit regularly. well I'm sending a tape home and its going to explain alot more stuff. that's why this letter is a little short today. so you guys should look for a tape in the mail in the next few days. anyway thanks for your letters again! bye!
love hank
PS its good to hear about Tanner. i remember the last time i saw Austin Dewitt, I was at Cinemark working at the midnight showing of Live Free Or Die Hard and he came in and i sold him his food. anyway i don't know if i ever told you that.
Hank's Zone Conference in Shreveport, LA.  Nov. 29  2010.  (He's on back row, 2nd from left.) 
Eating lunch at Zone Conference.  I love even getting a glimpse of him!  These pictures came off his Mission President's blog, and I copied them on to here.  I'll take any pictures I can of him!

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