Monday, December 6, 2010

Dec 6, 2010

Excerpt of this week's letter, dated Dec. 6, 2010
hey mom!
thanks for your letters again! nothing has happened much since i last wrote you on Wednesday. we just did the same type of stuff and taught lessons to people. oh with the V____ things are going well. we were teaching the word of wisdom and then we discovered that he smokes. so were going to have another appointment with him this week. things are still looking good with them. that was like the biggest thing that happened this week....
....Shreveport was pretty cool, it was bigger than Monroe and nicer. I'm actually going to be in Monroe today because I'm doing exchanges today with the Monroe people again. ill be in Monroe until Wednesday afternoon.
....I'm so glad to hear that aj is going to the school dances! and that he is actually enjoying them! after i got out of high school my biggest regret of high school was not going to any of the dances. I'm glad aj is not doing what i did.
.....well that's about it so far, I'm going to write a letter back home this week-ish with a tape. anyway I'm looking forward to actually talking with you on Christmas! thanks for the letters! Bye!
love hank 
Part of email to John:
hey dad!
 ....thanks for all these updates, i really do love reading them. Its crazy that Caleb is already leaving! When does he get to Columbia? For our zone conference in Shreveport we had to drive around 100 miles there and 100 miles back.It did count towards our miles for the month. we had to save a lot of miles this month for that reason. well i didn't tell mom this i forgot so you can tell her, but this week I've been sick. I'm just coming out of it now and I'm glad too. this week should be better. i look forward to talking with all of you on Christmas, thanks for the letters and write back soon. bye!
love hank

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