Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dec. 20, 2010

...hey i read your letter, I'm glad you liked the tape. that's cool that you were able to hear the train in the background. its very relaxing to just sit outside and and talk to you guys. thank you so much for all the Christmas gifts and stuff and also the cactus jelly! ha ha thanks for getting that for me!
...and also you guys know what geocaching is?! i had no idea what it was until i got out here! its a fun thing to do on pday! i took alot of pictures in the next email ill send them to you!  i am really excited about that!
we haven't seen the V_____this week because alot of their family is over, so were going to try next week sometime. they are still our top people right now. during all the other time we are "member hunting" as we call it and fixing our ward directory or just following up on people that we run into on the streets. its not bad though, I'm glad to hear that you are all doing fine. i do get a little homesick once in a while, but these emails and the thought that I'm talking with you on Saturday makes it better. i look forward to talking with all of you on Saturday! thanks again for everything that you have done. i really do appreciate it all. well that's about it! Bye!
love hank
PS when i call its going to be sometime in the day, i don't know when yet. just keep an eye out for it!

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