Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov. 16, 2010

Hank's emails for the week...this one came to me:
Hey mom!
I just got read your email! let me first update you for whats going on. transfers were this week. sorry i forgot to mention to you that they were coming up. all four of us are staying in west monroe again. the next transfer day is december 28th. so that means that were all staying for the holidays! i get to call on christmas so thats going to be pretty exciting. anyway this week was pretty good. the familiy that were teaching their names are Josh and Sandra Valencia. Sandra is a memebr but Josh isnt. we tought him the 1st and 2nd lessons. then we got a baptisimal date for him. so things are going good with them. they are our top investigators right now. the rest of the time was just trying to figure out what to do.
so your freaking out because of carbon monoxide poisioning! haha, thats prety funny! you can send the detector thing if you want, ill use it. i know it will proboly make you feel better! well i got only 1 letter this week by mail. it was from the bishopric. i think that the rest of the letters are being held up at the mission home. my companions tell me that they do that sometimes. when we get our mail we have like a ton of letters. 
oh this week we went to waffle house for the first time in my life! i actually really enjoyed it! we ate waffles and hamburgers! 
so thats pretty much it. seriously not alot of thigs happened this week. thats been abput it. next week is thanksgiving and i dont know what were doing. oh and the reason why im writing today and not yesterday is because transfer day is pday. and today is transfer day. so yah ill write back on monday! thanks for all the letters and write back soon! and tell aj to email me back! bye!
love hank
This one came to John:
Hey Dad!
hey sorry i didnt write yesterday. its because yesterday wasnt pday, today is. on transfer days are the pdays for that week. i cant belive that great grandma jackson is 98! i wonder if shel make it to 100! thanks for keeping me updated. and also im so glad that you made the sale! i was a little nervous as if you were actually going to make it or not. so this media refferal is really good. its Josh and Sandra Valencia. Sandra is a member and Josh is not. we taught the first 2 lessons and then i extended a baptisimal date. i was so nervous to ask but he accepted so its all good. thats pretty much what's been going on with them.
.....anyay thanks for writing, hopfully on monday i can write a longer letter. oh and i got the bishopric letter, it made me feel good that you wrote somthing in it. anyway ill write back on monday! thanks bye!
love hank

And then I got this one from Hank as a P.S.  (I had written him, and told him that our dog, Juliet, has lost about 15 pounds since Hank left.  She's either sick, or it's because Hank isn't here to sneak her food anymore!  We actually think it's Hank not feeding her junk food anymore!  --I'll take her in to the vet just in case-- So this is in response to that....)

hey! i read this is funny! i only fed her a little bit i promise! haha, im glad to know that shes losing weigh though!

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  1. So good to read your letters and to hear about your asking someone to be baptized. Way to go, Elder Jackson! I made a big missionary effort last night...I am Hans' Soccer Team Mom and was in charge of putting together the team party. Our Bishop challenged us on Sunday to all have at least 2 nonmember families in our home before the end of the year, just to socialize and let them feel the Spirit in our home. So, instead of holding the party at a pizza place...I invited the whole soccer team and their families into our home for a big pizza party. They all came and it turned out to be a nice experience....about 35 or so. The boys loved playing on Hans' Wii and fusbol and lots of pizza and soda and cake. The parents were a little blown away when after this whole season of sitting on the side lines with us they came to find out we have 9 children and 15 grandchildren and that Hans isn't an only child! I hope the paintings on our walls and other things let them know who we believe in and love. You never know who you can touch with the gospel just by being yourselves.

    Sure love you, Hank, and so proud of you! Happy Thanksgiving next week.
    Love, Aunt Debi, Uncle John and Hans