Monday, November 8, 2010


Hank sent us his SD card today to download his pictures.  He is such a funny guy!  There were 208 pictures on the card, from the MTC up to last week, and in the letter, he included a list of every single picture, and a description of them.  It was six and 1/2 pages of descriptions!  And apparantly I'm very predictable.  I decided to download the pictures on our computer, and caption each picture with Hank's description.  I just thought it would be a great way to document his words.  Jonna came in as I was working on it, and said "I called it, Mom!  I called it!!"  I had no idea what she was talking about, and then she went on to explain that when she got home from work, John was home, and had shown Jonna Hank's six and 1/2 page list of photo descriptions.  Apparantly Jonna told John "What do you want to bet that when mom gets home, she spends the afternoon putting in every single description on the computer???"  Ok, so I'm predictable.  

 The following captions are exactly as Hank described. 
Me and Elder Clark (MTC Companion)

My district at Temple.  (MTC)

The exact same bunkbed I had at home. (Mission Home- first night in Mississippi)
Me about to go to bed in Mission Home.

A lake that becomes a swamp.  (Lisa's Note:  I LOVE this picture- taken in Louisiana)

A street we tracted on.


Grass next to freeway.  Crazy!!  (Only from an Arizonian!)

Me with clock at 10:10 PM.  (It was 10/10/10 at 10:10 PM)

Elder Belden really happy about 10:10 PM

Micky Mouse Ave.  I thought of Jonna when I saw this so I took a picture.

The bike trail by Ouchita River. 

The bridge opened up.

West Monroe tap water.  You can see the color difference against a white background.

A road we were tracting.

Cow tongue.  You can see the taste buds on it.

Elder Belden at the Ouchita River.

Me and Elder Boliander holding the damaged part on our bikes.  (Their bikes were damaged when the bike rack broke off the back of their car while driving, and fell onto the road).

On our way to Bro. Clark's house.

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  1. Looks like he's having a great time! Although, that cow tongue picture sure made me glad I don't live there!! :)